glinda quote

So it's not a flattering photo, and it's a weird, nothing-to-do-with-calligraphy quote. But it does make a bit of sense.

The photo is from the day we watched our youngest daughter graduate from high school (see the empty nest joy on our faces?!). It was only then that Kristen Henderson Calligraphy could begin in earnest, to fill up the soccer mom hours which were about to disappear.

 And the business would have come to nothing without the encouragement of this really great "wind beneath my wings" spouse you see here. He, after all, has helped and supported me in this and every other venture for a long, long time.

And the "Wizard of Oz" quote? Well, I have long believed that every wise thing you ever needed to know in life could be found in that movie somewhere. Even the inspiration to start the business of your dreams when you are kind of old.  

And so everything you need to know about Kristen Henderson Calligraphy is in that picture and quote. For other stuff, see the usual photos and links.  I have worked with hundreds of brides all over the world, and had work featured in all the usual magazines and blogs. 

I try to do the best job I can for everyone, and hope I may get to work with you.