Frequently Asked Questions

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How far in advance should I book you?

I recommend booking your callligraphy no later than when you order your invitations. My schedule normally fills up several months in advance.

How should I send my address list to you?

You can either include a hard copy of your address list with your envelopes, or email your list to (don't forget the "d" in the middle, or it goes to someone else!)  Please make sure the list is in a readable size font....10 or 12 point Times Roman works well. Also, please type the list so the each of the address lines is on a separate line, NOT all in one line (no spreadsheets, please!) . Send the list just as you would like it done. I will follow it closely. You can abbreviate state names, if it's easier, and I can put the zip code on its own line even if your list is not formatted that way. NOTE: Please provide a list (or separate line under the main address) for all inner envelopes. Don't leave it to me to decide how these will be done. 

Do you require a deposit?

Your job is confirmed on my schedule only when the 50% deposit is in hand. 

Do you have a contract for me to sign?

I don't have a contract. I have never felt the need for one. For 10 years, I have depended on mutual trust and respect as my contract, and have never been disappointed!  

How do I pay you? 

My pricing assumes payment by check or VENMO, so that I can keep my pricing down. Checks can be mailed to me at Kristen Henderson 1918 Lennox Avenue Charlotte NC 28203.   I am more than happy to accept Paypal and credit cards, but do pass on a 3% fee as an addition to your bill.  

What is your turnaround time?

The normal turnaround time is 2 weeks. This can stretch to 3 weeks during the busiest seasons, or if the number of envelopes exceeds 200. When I book your job, I note the date on which I expect to have both envelopes and lists in hand. If that date changes, please let me know so that I can try to juggle things and still make your deadline. I can't guarantee I can meet the original deadline if your materials are late getting to me, but I can try!!

What if I have corrections or additions to my list, or discover errors when I receive my envelopes?

My goal is 100% accuracy, and all of your work will be proofread, but I am human! I ask that you check over everything as soon as it arrives so that you can ensure it is all correct. I will, of course, correct any of my errors at no charge, and pay in full for shipping them to you! Any additions or corrections on your part once the job is completed will be charged at normal rates, but with a minimum charge of $15 plus postage (Why? Because it takes the same amount of time to set up and clean up, bill and ship whether I am doing 1 envelope or 100!) If the redos are  a combination of my errors and your additions/corrections, I charge you only 50% of the shipping cost. 

What about rush jobs?

Never say never! I try to take on rush jobs when I can. I hate to say "no" to anyone who needs me! It never hurts to ask if you have a small job requiring a quick turnaround.  Sometimes little windows of time open up, and I am happy to try to help! Rush jobs do incur a 20% surcharge. 

Do you participate in styled shoots?

In concept, I love styled shoots, and do them at no charge when I take them on! I normally am able to do about 4 per year. My paying work is obviously my priority, but please get in touch if you need paper products for styling, and I'll participate if I can! 

Do you make donations to charities?

I feel so fortunate to have the work I do, and want to give back. There are several events I donate work to each year that are near and dear to my heart. Rather than field random inquiries all year long, however, I make all of my giving decisions in December for the following year. 


Yes and no! I decided several years ago to focus on addressing envelopes for brides rather than becoming a full fledged stationer!  However, as you can no doubt tell from my photographs, I regularly collaborate! I have a collaborative relationship with invitation designer and watercolor artist Champagne Maker (yes, that's really her name!), providing her custom hand lettering  for both her custom and semi-custom suites.  Many of the photos on this site are suites we have worked on together!  So...for information and pricing for entire suites, the best idea is probably to contact her directly at let her know if you would like my lettering incorporated into the suite.   You can see more of her work on Instagram  @champagnemaker.  She will take good care of you! As will I!


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